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Understanding the CIO/VP of Technology

As part of my job, I routinely meet with people holding the title of CIO and/or VP of Technology to discuss business and technology strategy. I strongly feel that in order for me to do my job and deliver on the needs of my customer, I need to understand the role of my customer, what drives them, what keeps them up at night and what will make them successful. For me, it is not enough to know their business. I need to know their vision, their needs and their drivers in addition to sharing their domain knowledge.

A CIO is a complex position to be in, to say the least. A typical CIO has 2 tasks, one that is thankless, and one that is high risk. Geez! Can it get any better? 🙂 The thankless task is keeping the lights on. The high risk is developing and evolving the technology strategy in tandem with the business and in the area of innovation. Although many CIOs struggle with the former and that alone keeps them busy, the astute CIO realizes that their real value to the company lies in the latter.

In order for service providers like Patni to deliver, we need to better understand the challenges faced by our customers so that we become more than just merely an outsourcing vendor, but a true business partner focused on increasing our customer’s wallet share rather than just our own and helping them achieve success. In upcoming blogs, this section will outline some of the challenges and areas of focus for CIOs and how CIOs can harness IT to drive business strategy, institute portfolio management to get a deeper understanding of IT ROI, develop an IT performance management strategy and an IT outsourcing strategy and derive key metrics to measure IT performance and prove that IT is more than a cost center.

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