Monetizing Social Networks – Part 1

This post discusses the emerging trends in social media monetization.


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SaaS: A Boon Or A Curse For ISVs?

Just as SaaS offers so many benefits to ISVs, it also brings along it’s own share of headaches. This article focuses on one such particular headache – integration.

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Problems with multi-tenancy

Yes,the often touted multi-tenant architectures for SaaS comes with it’s own set of baggage and might not be the best solution for every SaaS ISV. Here’s why.

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Brand Monitoring With Web 2.0

Why is social media important to businesses when it comes to evaluating their brand image?

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Mobile 2.0 and Marketing

Media companies are rushing to leverage Mobile 2.0 to gain the attention of the youth, but what do the youth think of ads on phones and what incentives can media companies think of providing to make the phone users want to see ads?

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SaaS Ecosystem

Who are the players in a SaaS ecosystem and what are their specific concerns? This article talks about this in greater detail.

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The 3 Horsemen for ISVs

For startup ISVs, these 3 emerging technologies can make all the difference.

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