Mobile 2.0 and Marketing

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Mobile phones are all the rage, especially with youngsters and Mobile 2.0 is all about leveraging the mobile phone as a platform and using Web 2.0 tools and technologies to deliver new and innovative applications and media messages. Everyone out there is focused on using the mobile web to capture the attention of the youth, but as with my earlier article on push vs. pull marketing, if all you do is blast people with ads on their cell phones, then all you are doing is broadcasting with little or no chances of capturing their attention. So before you think about leveraging mobile 2.0 to your advantage, it helps to know what people want and are willing to endure to see your marketing message. In other words, what incentives can you provide them to see or hear your marketing message on their phone.

As part of working with media and advertising companies, I tend to share the following strategies with my customers:

  • Unique Content: The youth are fickle minded and are not willing to endure ads invading their personal devices unless your content is unique is some way.
  • Personalized: Leveraging social graphs, profile information, geographical information, Twitter integration and other such Web 2.0 based themes, concepts and technologies, the key is to personalize the ads to make them highly relevant at the right time (if I am car shopping, don’t show me an ad for a grocery store coupon).
  • Incentive Based: This holds true as with any other aspect of marketing – if there is an incentive, the ads are just that much more appealing.

So what kinds of incentives would appeal to the youth and older generation? Studies show that:

  • Cash is king:80 percent of adults and 70 percent of teens identify it as the top incentive for responding to mobile advertising.
  • Entertainment downloads: you know – wallpapers, ringtones, etc.
  • Free Music: No brainer – digital media is moving from the desktop to portable devices and the cell phone is the ultimate portable device.
  • Free Minutes: This can be a great avenue for the carriers – if the right partnerships are struck whereby the carriers are making money via the partnerships, they can give out free minutes to their customers.

Media and marketing agencies are always looking for ways to profile customers on their usage, interests, etc and ask me if users would mind providing this information in exchange for ads. Studies show that mobile phone users are willing to do so only if the ads that they receive in return are really useful and applicable to them. However, teens, who are most bombarded with marketing ads due to their huge spending power are very guarded about their privacy and even targeted, relevant ads might now always make them want to participate.


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