The Challenges of Cloud Computing

What are some of the challenges of cloud computing that one needs to be aware of? Read on to find out.

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Cloud Based Architectures (CBA)

What exactly does it mean to leverage the cloud in your product or application architecture?

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Cloud Computing – An Intro

What does this latest buzzword mean and how is the industry leveraging this technology for business benefit?

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Multi-tenancy – Do I Need It?

How do you know is a multi-tenant architecture is always the right way to go?

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Monetizing Social Networks – Part 3

Your friends might be worth their weight in gold in social gaming communities.

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Serious Gaming

What are serious games and how are business leveraging them?

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Monetizing Social Networks – Part 2

Continuation of a previous article discussing prepaid cards as a form of monetization of social gaming.

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Monetizing Social Networks – Part 1

This post discusses the emerging trends in social media monetization.

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SaaS: A Boon Or A Curse For ISVs?

Just as SaaS offers so many benefits to ISVs, it also brings along it’s own share of headaches. This article focuses on one such particular headache – integration.

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Problems with multi-tenancy

Yes,the often touted multi-tenant architectures for SaaS comes with it’s own set of baggage and might not be the best solution for every SaaS ISV. Here’s why.

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